Partnering with Housing Finance Bank to transform lives

Habitat for Humanity Uganda(HFHU) in partnership with Housing Finance Bank (HFB) and Buganda Kingdom handed over a new house to the family of Evelyn Nakyazze under the decent living campaign.

Evelyn is a single mother of three biological children and a caretaker to two other children from Kasaala village in Mukono district. She was always worried about her house collapsing. Her house was made of mud and wattle with cracks all over the wall and a leaking roof. As a peasant farmer on rented land, Evelyn had no hopes of ever owning a decent house for her and her five children.

My nickname was the ‘woman who sleeps in a small mud and wattle house that is about to collapse on her, but here I am today living in a house I didn’t even imagine that would one day be mine,” Nakyazze recalls

Evelyn’s house came fully complete with an improved ventilated pit latrine, a 3000-litre water tank and an improved shower stall. The house was built in partnership with HFB and Buganda Kingdom. Robert Otim, HFHU National Director called upon partners like Housing Finance Bank with the Zimba Mpola housing product to continue supporting Habitat to build more decent houses for vulnerable families.

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