The Street Business School training empowers Immaculat as an entrepreneur.

The training provides practical, relevant and hands-on business topics that include market research, financial literacy, business planning, and book keeping among others. Before participating in the training, Immaculate’s only source of income was selling onions to support her family. With 3 special needs children, this business would not sustain them.

Today and a year later, Immaculate testifies that the training has transformed her life. ‘Doing market research has enabled me to find new markets and expand my business like in Kabundaire market, Kachwamba and Mubende where I take my products”, she happily shared with us. “I also plan to save more money to boost my business with other vegetables like cabbages, tomatoes, Irish potatoes and also rear rabbits”.

After completing the 6 months training, with the profits made from selling onions, immaculate has started rearing goats and chicken to add to her business and can constantly pay her two children’s school fees without waiting on her husband. Immaculate has also been able to connect clean tapped water to her house which has solved her challenge of the long distances she had to walk to access clean water.

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