Partnering to address issues of the New Urban Agenda


October 2016 witnessed World leaders adopting the New Urban Agenda in Quito, which sets a new global standard for sustainable urban development, and helps us rethink how we plan, manage and live in our cities.

‘There is need to work together to enhance climate change responses, interventions and innovations to ensure that issues and challenges that cause climate change in our country like poor waste management are addressed. This will only be effectively mitigated if we worked jointly as stakeholders.” Deputy Katikiro Buganda Kingdom.

The urban Agenda, now a strategic intervention by Habitat for Humanity builds on and leverages the valuable experience we have gained globally and locally through the implementation of our housing and settlement programs across the rural-urban Uganda. To successfully implement the urban approach, Habitat for Humanity Uganda will need to work in partnership with communities,local governments,the public and private sectors to identify and tackle requirements for facilitating better access to adequate and affordable housing. In the same cause Entebbe Municipal Development Forum in partnership with Habitat for Humanity and Buganda Kingdom organized a stakeholder engagement on Climate change. The main objective was to concretize a partnership forum that can address and tackle key environmental issues in Uganda.

Participants included Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban development represented by the Minister for Urban Development, Buganda Kingdom, Kampala Capital city Authority, several Non governmental organizations and other district MDFs among others. The main objective of this engagement was to create a platform for integrated urban planning, environment protection and conservation of our towns and cities.

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