Launch of the IKEA Project “Children Deserve Access to Clean Energy”

HFHU is currently implementing a 4 year project to improve access to clean energy in the off grid communities of West Nile. West Nile has the lowest access to electricity in Uganda tied with Karamoja. The four year project will be implemented with partnership from Koboko district local government who demonstrated willingness to support the project with the provision of land. The Project aims at directly benefiting 20,000 families in the off grid communities of West Nile access electricity through installation of a solar plant.

The project components include

  • Financial literacy targeting understanding of household expenditure patterns and the opportunities for saving with electricity as well as increasing productive expenditure
  • Financing for connections promoting saving for connections and providing a financing option through a 3rd party i.e Existing banks and MFIs
  • Development of the Pay as you go interface involving robust consultation with the eventual end users
  • Technical design subject to an open tender process and plant construction for production of electricity

    The project will aim to access clean energy to off grid communities in West Nile


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