Procurement of a Computer & Information Systems Expert to provide Information and Communication Technology (ICT) support services for HFHU.

  1. Introduction

This term of reference serves as a guideline for the provision of ICT support services to Habitat for Humanity Uganda. The TOR provide details including the background of the organization, the purpose, scope, expected output, deliverables, time frame, qualification & experience, eligibility criteria and application mode.

2.     Background

Habitat for Humanity Uganda is affiliated with Habitat for Humanity International which was established in 1976 and is a leading housing organization impacting nearly 40 million people in 70 countries across the world. Since our inception in Uganda in 1982, Habitat for Humanity has built and improved over 40,000 houses through four strategic program interventions: – Vulnerable Group housing, Housing Microfinance, Market systems and Urbanization thus transforming the lives of over 240,000 vulnerable individuals in Uganda.

  • The purpose of the assignment

The objective of this consultancy is to provide Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

support services for the organization. The activities will be performed under the supervision of the Finance Manager. The Consultant preferably the company shall perform all the services/work as necessary to fulfil the objectives of the consultancy contract.

  • Expected deliverables

The below tasks and deliverables are expected to be undertaken by the consultant:

  • Support in management and maintenance of HFHU ICT infrastructure including LANs and WANs, Wi-Fi, networks, computers, laptops and servers across the organization.
  • Provide support in the design of an effective ICT for the organization following trends in the industry.
  • Ensure compliance and adherence to ICT policies and procedures.
  • Execute the operational plans for the ICT systems and manage inventory of all assets.
  • Ensure user access to applications and systems and resolve network failures promptly.
  • Provide first level support to users for IT-related problems, record all incidents and follow them up to resolution.
  • Review applications in conjunction with users to determine enhancements or new systems.
  • Monitor the services provided by external suppliers in liaison with the Procurement & Logistics Team to ensure that high levels of services are received and maintained as per agreed standards.
  • Manage formalized training programs for all users to raise skills standards and awareness in the use of ICT applications.
  • Prepare periodic reports in line with the organization’s reporting guidelines to management.
  • Any other IT related duties assigned from time to time by the supervisor

5.     Scope of the assignment

The company will designate a staff who will be responsible for the ICT services for the duration of the assignment, which will be agreed upon from time to time by both parties.

The Consultant is expected to be engaged for up to 10 working days per month (part-time) for this Assignment and this will be informed by the harmonized work plan.

  • Expected Output

The consultant/firm will be expected to deliver the following outputs;

  • Properly functioning, secure and efficient network and servers.
  •  Fully installed and Properly functioning computer systems, and accessories
  • An efficient software applications and antivirus software on the network
  •  Optimized network infrastructure, data center and ICT management aligned with corporate standards
  •  Good working condition of systems, hardware, and equipment maintained
  • HFHU Staff well equipped with the latest ICT Technology and advancement
  • Comprehensive handover notes/report with clear recommendations for further/future improvements
  • Eligibility criteria

The selection of consultant/firm for this assignment will be based on Habitat for Humanity Uganda eligibility criteria below: –

Eligibility criteriaScore
Quality of technical proposal50%
Financial proposal40%
Qualifications, related experience and skills in the learning subjects10%

8.     Qualifications and experience

  • The consultancy firm should be a legally registered company with professional experience and knowledge of Network technologies including Microsoft Windows, corporate ICT security and viral protection systems
  • The lead consultant should have an advanced degree in Information Technology or Computer Sciences, Engineering or any other related fields
  • At least 10 years experience in troubleshooting, networking, hardware and software maintenance
  • Hands-on experience in troubleshooting, networking, basic programming and relevant software applications
  • Ability to manage work of a confidential nature
  • Previous working experience in an NGO setting, with good command of English, both written and spoken
  •  Able to work under challenging circumstances with minimum supervision
  • Commitment to upholding the organization’s values and principles of Habitat for Humanity is key.

9.      Mode of application

Interested consultants/firms should submit both Technical and Financial Proposals with the CVs of the resource persons and two samples of contracts/MoUs of a similar assignment to noffice@hfhuganda.org no later than 6th April 2022.

“Safeguarding: HFHU requires that all employees/stakeholders take seriously their ethical responsibilities to safeguarding our intended beneficiaries, their communities, and all those with whom we work.  Managers at all levels have responsibilities to support and develop systems that create and maintain an environment that prevents harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse, safeguards the rights of beneficiaries and community members (especially children), and promotes the implementation of Habitat for Humanity’s code of conduct.”