Tender Notice ##2


Habitat for Humanity Uganda (HFHU) has acquired
funding from the IKEA Foundation to construct a 5MW
in total mini-grid in WestNile region in Uganda.

HFHU is seeking Expression of Interest (EoI) for the provision
of services to conduct a Willingness to Pay study for
a potential solar mini – grid scheme in Koboko district,
WestNile region. #

The consulting firm(s) will conduct
a survey in the beneficiary community to establish the
willingness to pay of the community and thereby the
economic feasibility of the scheme, and will advise
HFHU on the size and scale of the plant to construct.

HFHU set up the scheme with the aim of creating an
economically and environmentally sustainable minigrid,
providing multi social benefits governed through a social
enterprise in partnership with the district authorities.
1. Scope of the study
The scope of work is to conduct a Willingness to Pay
survey and feasibility study to make an assessment
of the size potential demand for the electricity to be
generated from the solar plant. This should result in
an understanding of the size and cost of the plant to be
put up.
The study will specifically include:
• Desk Review and consultations
• Energy Demand and Community Survey
• Market Analysis
• Plant capacity

2. Desired skills and competencies
• Academic qualification in Electrical Engineering/
Clean Energy
• Evidence of previous experience in similar work
• Evidence of previous experience in design of mini
• Membership of the team leader to a professional
body will be an added advantage

3. Submission of proposals
The proposals must be submitted in separate sealed
envelopes (the technical proposal in one envelope and
the financial proposal in another envelope) but both
envelopes placed in one large envelope.
Send the specified documents above to:
Procurement Committee,
Habitat for Humanity Uganda
P.O. Box 9873 Kampala
Plot 91 Kira road Kamwokya, Kampala.
Telephone: +256414501457/ +256392760802

4. Deadline:
All proposals are expected to be submitted by 4:30PM
local time on Friday, 2nd February 2018 to the above
mentioned address.
Please Note:
• Detailed TOR’s are to be picked from Habitat for
Humanity Uganda offices on the above address.
• All bidders MUST pay a non-refundable fee of

5. Conditions:
1. Habitat for Humanity Uganda reserves the right to
accept any proposals or reject all proposals.
2. Technical review will precede the financial
3. All forms of canvassing will lead to automatic
cancellation of the proposal in question
4. All bidders will be invited for the bid opening at our offices