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MTN Momo Pay Details

MTN Momo Merchant Pay

Step 1 – Dial: *165#

Step 2 – Select 4 (Payments)

Step 3 – Select 4 (Goods and Services)

Step 4 – Enter Merchant Code: HFHU

Step 5 – Enter the payment reference: Name of donor/sponsor

Step 6 – Enter the amount to donate

*Make sure before you enter your PIN, the payment is being made to HABITAT FOR HUMANITY UGANDA*

Step 7 – Enter your PIN

Bank Payment Details

Bank Name: Stanbic Bank

Account Name: Habitat for Humanity Uganda

Bank Address: Head Office Hannington Road

Account Number (UGX): 9030005614693


In case you need any clarification or to confirm payments made, please call:

Desk: +256-414-501457 / +256-392-760802

Mobile: +256-779-854636 / +256-706-354636


Thank you for registering to join us or participate in the Uganda Housing Symposium. Your support is helping to make affordable and inclusive housing solutions for all a possibility.