Habitat for Humanity to build house for parents of Hoima separated conjoined twins

Habitat for Humanity Uganda, a Non-Governmental Organisation has announced that it will build a house for the stranded parents of conjoined twins who were recently separated at Mulago Hospital .

On February, 15, 2022,  a medical team at the Mulago National Specialized Referral Hospital led by Dr. John Sekabira, a pediatric surgeon and the acting deputy Executive Director of Mulago successfully separated the conjoined twins from Hoima.

However, the hospital has since then been stuck with the twins and their parents after the assessment of their home in Hoima failed a safe and clean environment test to raise such children thereby delaying their discharge.

Dr. Sekabira  on Wednesday said separating the conjoined twins who shared parts of both the liver and heart among other organs and then sending them to a house not fit for human habitat would be counterproductive.

“Some time back we separated conjoined twins from Kole District and one of them immediately died of malaria once they were back home. We learnt the lessons the hard way. We now involve social workers to assess the environment and devise means as necessary,” he said.

On Wednesday, Habitat  for Humanity announced that as part of its 40th anniversary celebrations  in Uganda, it will come to the help of the couple.

“After consultations with both these parents, the doctors in Mulago and the grandparents of these twins, we have decided to build for them a decent house,” Robert Otim, National Director of Habitat for Humanity Uganda said.

“We have been operating in Uganda for 40 years and we would like to mark this milestone starting with supporting this couple and their children.”

He added that as part of its 40th anniversary celebrations, the NGO  plans to build at least 40 houses across the country.

“We are appealing to all organisations and individuals to support us to build at least 40 houses this year in Uganda for vulnerable people.”

A Habit for Uganda rural house costs on average Shs25 million while one in urban centres costing approximately Shs35 million and the beneficiary must be in possession of land where the house is built.

Hellen Kugonza, the 23-year old mother of the twins, Brenda and Gloria, thanked Habitat for Humanity Uganda for this gesture.

“I am very grateful for this support which will enable us raise our daughters in a clean and safe environment. We appeal to everyone to support Habitat for Humanity’s efforts to continue providing decent housing to those in need,”  said Hellen Kugonza, the 23-year old mother of the twins Brenda and Gloria.

The parents of the twins said they have donated a small piece of land measuring 64 by 40  in Hoima where Habitat for Humanity Uganda will build the house.


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