Posted time 14/08/2023 Location National Office Job type Consultancy


The Uganda National Housing Symposium is a national sector-wide platform convened and jointly coordinated by the Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development (MLHUD), Habitat for Humanity Uganda (HFHU), and key sector partners in real estate, banking and finance, constructions and manufacturing and media. It is a critical forum bringing all housing stakeholders in the country and beyond to collaborate, co-create, learn, and adapt solutions aimed at transforming Uganda’s housing sector.

The Uganda National Housing Symposium 2023 builds on the success of the inaugural Uganda National Housing Symposium 2022 event. It will continue to showcase, nurture, promote, and share pilot innovative solutions that will improve the housing sector in Uganda. It will also promote enterprise development, and knowledge sharing, and increase institutional and regulatory support for mainstreaming sustainability dimensions within housing projects, programs, and private-sector housing development.

Rationale and Justification

The funding for the National Housing Symposium comes with immense opportunities to meet and interact with key players and decision-makers within the housing sector. Opportunities range from new business ideas, exposure to unique innovations in housing, and sharing emerging housing technologies. The National Housing Symposium 2023 has a specific thematic area on research that unfolds evidence in housing innovations impacting other health outcomes. To support the mobilization of funds from various stakeholders, the Fundraising and Partnerships Committee recommends the retention of an Individual Resource Development//Marketing Consultant to spearhead bookings for financial support with the key stakeholders.


To secure and retain the services of an Individual Resource Development/Marketing Consultant for at least 20 days of organizing the Housing Symposium 2023

The specific objectives

  • Develop a plan for reaching out to key partners and secure fund pledges for the Symposium
  • Send out fund request letters to the partners
  • Confirm contributions and exhibition spaces as per discussion with the stakeholders
  • Work with the Secretariat lead to ensure funds received in the Bank Account for the Symposium are acknowledged and receipted

This assignment is urgent and proposals will be reviewed as they are received.

If interested, you can download the Terms Of Reference below for more details

TOR Individual-Resource Mobilization/Marketing Consultant

This job is Expired