Posted time 31/08/2023 Location Kumi, Mayuge, Namayingo, Soroti Job type Consultancy


Habitat for Humanity Uganda (HFHU), founded in 1982 works to eliminate poverty housing in Uganda) with the goal of addressing housing equity. HFHU conducted a pilot on access to equitable housing in informal settlements and identified key barriers including limited participation of citizens, poor living conditions often associated with overcrowding and limited access to essential services, and the threat of tenure security. To these barriers, advocacy interventions that target empowering community participation in decision-making, building the capacity of local government leaders, mobilizing through media-based awareness, and enhancing accessibility to essential services were proposed.

The Foster Family Project

Foster Foundation support has supported implementation in Kumi and Mayuge districts, contributing to the construction of 30 eco-friendly houses with the use of Interlocking Stabilized Soil Blocks (ISSB). Other interventions have included setting up community water points, sanitation facilities at schools, and WASH awareness through radio and training. Where community water points exist, there are also community water management committees for sustainability.

Energy efficiency is promoted through procuring and installing solar systems to address the energy needs of lighting and basic charging of communication devices thereby influencing improved physical and environmental living conditions for the target families. So far, over 150 vulnerable persons have accessed shelter support, 4,304 people received WASH knowledge, and 4,938 people reached out with information on land tenure security.

Scope of operation of the project

The documentation will cover project interventions at the family and community level. At the family level, the documentation will involve six (6) written stories from the districts of Mayuge, Namayingo, Kumi, and Soroti. At the community level, the coverage will involve two (2) schools with sanitation facilities and two (2) community water wells. Interviews will be held with family, community members, project staff, and local government leaders within the districts. Field travels for the successful production house will be organized upon the signing of a contract to document the impact of the Foster Family project in the listed districts.

If interested, here are the TORs for Foster Project Documentation

Deadline for submission: 6th September 2023 – 1600Hrs (EST)

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