Housing Micro finance

HFHU’s Housing Microfinance Program is designed to reach out to these low-income (active-poor) families with Home Improvement Loans (HILs).  Credit is a real challenge in Uganda’s cash-based society. We help families’ access financial services to improve their homes. We do this directly and through partnering institutions. We promote the practice of incremental building – an approach where clients build in stages, first the walls, then the roof, then the doors & windows, etc. This helps to keep loan size small and makes it affordable to lower-income clients. The families can access a loan to improve or complete their home construction at whatever stage they have reached; completion, extension, finishing etc. The program is currently active in Central and Western Uganda; in Luwero, Buikwe districts and through our partners; ENCOT in Masindi and across the country with Centenary Bank, Opportunity Bank and Pride Micro Finance.