Terms of reference for the consultancy to facilitate strategy development (2022-2026) for Habitat for Humanity Uganda

1.0 Context information

Habitat for Humanity (HFH) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and homelessness worldwide and to making adequate, affordable shelter a matter of conscience and action. Since the founding in 1976, Habitat for Humanity has helped more than 29 million people meet their affordable housing needs and obtain a safer place to sleep at night, along with the strength, stability and independence to build better lives, in more than 70 countries.

Habitat for Humanity Uganda Home – Habitat for Humanity Uganda (HFHU) is affiliated to HFH International and started work in Uganda in 1982 and has since then built, rehabilitated, and or repaired more than 40,000 homes-providing simple and affordable shelter for over 330,000 people.

As Habitat for Humanity, we have a strong commitment to ensuring a world where everyone has a decent place to live. But this cannot be done by a few actors -no matter how powerful they are. Achieving this vision requires a recognition of the complex nature of housing; the interdependencies or integration that exist (or should exist) with other sectors; and the relationships that we need to foster with local actors who are the important drivers in the housing system. Habitat for Humanity Uganda embarked on the process of developing a new strategy 2022-2026 in an effort to maximize opportunities of realizing this enormous vision as well as align with emerging HFH Africa Hub Strategy that seeks to operationalize Global Impact 2025 – Home (sharepoint.com) and Habitat for Humanity Theory of Change (sharepoint.com). The new strategy will build on our core values of accountability, humility, and courage and ultimately place people at the center of all our work.

Habitat for Humanity therefore seeks the services of a reputable firm or individual to lead the development of  HFHU’s new strategy.

These terms of reference will inform identification and selection of a consultant as well as guide the overall process of developing

2.0 Scope of Work and expected results

HFHU is searching for a consultant to help with the development of new Strategy for 2022-2026.  Specific objectives of the consultancy are the following:

2.1 To prepare and facilitate virtual as well as face-to-face Steering Committee (SC) and key stakeholder meetings on Strategy development which needs to help the participants to:

2.1.1 Contextualize HFH Global Impact 2025 strategy and ToC; Strategy and Business Planning Guidance

2.1.2 Review results of ongoing and past strategic frameworks to inform the new strategy;

2.1.3 Review SWOT analysis to evaluate HFHU including workforce analytics in alignment with the new strategic framework (any other analysis methodology can be proposed);

2.1.4 Define key strategic objectives and objectives indicators for the new strategy

2.1.5 Cost the new strategic plan

Meeting expected results:

  • Understanding of strengths/weaknesses/threats/opportunities of HFHU by all SC members;
  • Understanding of key achieved results, role of HFHU and expectations from members, regional experts/partners/stakeholders collected during preparation to the meeting by HFHU Steering Committee;
  • Refine and harmonize understanding of the draft strategy deliverables by the SC
  • Outline the strategic objectives for the new Strategy and their indicators.
  • Understanding and alignment of needs and priorities of HFHU with National and District Development Plans

2.2 To develop the first draft strategy-outline and infographic (with the HFHI GI25 vision and ToC, SMART indicators- Global Metrics (GMT), risks and options/approaches for National Organization effective work).

2.3 To review the draft strategy-outline in line with the comments and suggestions received in the consultation process with HFHU Board, Senior Management Team (SMT) and Africa Hub Subject Matter Experts.

2.4 To finalize the Strategy Framework.

3.0 Key Tasks and proposed timeline

ObjectivesDetailed descriptionTimeline
1. Inception and preparationReview draft deliverables including results of staff & partner survey and develop revised strategy roadmapJuly 2021
2. Facilitate face-to-face and virtual steering committee meetings on strategy developmentValidate key stakeholder (staff and partners) survey results and refine draft strategy deliverables including among others:Context/Situational Analysis Stakeholders Analysis External environment analysis Internal environment analysis Alignment with GI25 and ToCSWOT/SWOC analysis of HFHUWorkforce analysis Define key strategic objectives and indicatorsJuly-August 2021
3. Conduct baseline surveys in selected program areasWork with Senior Management Team to undertake review and alignment of HFHU priorities with National and District Development Plans. Key Tasks:Desk review of NDP, selected DDPsKey Informant Interviews Needs assessments in selected program areasConsolidation, Validation and alignment of findings to the overall strategyAugust 2021  
3. Develop the first draft of the strategy outline and suggested infographicFirst draft based on the Strategic meeting outcomes with the vision of key SMART indicators, risks and options/approaches for National Organization effective work.  September/October 2021  
3. Review the draft Strategy outline in line with the comments and suggestions received in the consultation process with HFH Board, SMT and Africa Hub/EMEA SMEsCollection and compilation of review comments and suggestions to the National Organization Strategy from consultation process with HFH Board, SMT and Africa Hub/EMEA SMEs, revision of the Strategy draft.October 2021
4. Finalize the Strategic FrameworkFinalization of the Strategy.November/December 2021

4.0 Key Criteria for Selection of the consultant

Submitted applications will be evaluated by HFHU procurement committee at the HFHU secretariat based in Uganda in close collaboration with the core strategy technical team based at the Africa Hub regional office in Nairobi.

To assess the tender applications, the following criteria will be used (the maximum possible amount of points is 100):

4.1 Rich and diverse experience in developing/building capacities of national, regional or global organizations/networks – 20 points;

4.2 Excellent understanding of global housing issues with particular knowledge of Africa/Uganda housing sector, elaborate knowledge and experience in designing programs/strategies using integrated systems (systems thinking) approach, demonstrated understanding of housing affordability and adequacy, experience in advocacy and capacity building in social and public sector issues – 30 points;

4.3 Excellent facilitation skills, experience in facilitating group work, brainstorm, organizing fruitful discussion in multicultural and multilanguage team – 20 points;

4.4 Experience of facilitating strategic planning process and development of Strategic documents for international/regional organizations – 15 points;

4.5 Reasonable cost of services – 15 points.

5.0 How to apply

The candidates are invited to submit their CVs, Letter of Interest and financial proposal by e-mail referenced under title “Consultant for Strategy Development” to Chairperson HFHU Procurement Committee brendahl@hfhuganda.org with copy to timsrobert@hfhuganda.org by 4:00 p.m. EAT, 17th of June 2021. CVs and Letter of Interest should clearly reflect the competencies of the candidate required to complete this task and include the proposed amount of working days, estimated cost of services.

6.0 General Conditions

The following should be noted by interested consultants:

6.1 HFHU will sign a contract with the winning consultant where detailed workplan and payment conditions will be determined.

6.2 The successful consultant is obliged to provide the confirmation of his daily rates before signing the contract. HFHU reserves the right to negotiate services cost for working days if it is not confirmed by previous records or is not affordable for HFHU.

6.3 HFHU reserves the right (but is not under obligation to do so) to enter into discussion with one or more bidders in order to obtain clarifications or additional details or negotiate the proposed cost.

6.4 HFHU reserves the right to negotiate number of working days related to each stage of work with the consultant. Final number of working days can change during implementation by mutual agreement between HFHU and consultant.

If you have any questions or clarifications in relation to these ToRs, please feel free to contact Robert Otim timsrobert@hfhuganda.org no later than 7th June 2021.

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